African American Health Coalition DOS
Colonel Summers Park Pavilion Gates
Portland Chinatown Museum
Dinh Lang Community Center
Fashion Incubator
Festival of Flowers
Hillsboro Visual Arts
Monmouth Amphitheatre
Oregon City Municipal Passenger Elevator
Oregon State Hospital Art Installation
Oxbow Park Office | Visitor Center
Paragon Art Center
PCC Interim Use Facility
PCC Cascade Project Learning Center
PCC Cascade SSB Renovation
Portland Police Mounted Patrol Unit
PPS Lincoln High School Culinary Arts
PPS Madison High School Master Plan
Valley Art Association

Beijing VIP Lounge
Gingerich Farms
Hands On Children's Museum Café
Hood River Square
Local Choice Produce Market 
M&C Tofu Manufacturing
Pho Van SE 82nd
Pho Wah Restaurant
Red Robe Tea Shop
South Tacoma Community Kitchen
SE Ash Street Mixed-Use
ThinkShout Web Design Interior
United Way of the Columbia-Willamette
Yocream Yogurt Bar

Residential|Mixed Use
Beaverton Renovation
Burnside Renovation
Globe Café and Apartments
Hawthorne Renovation
Hollywood Renovation
Irvington Residence
Lake Oswego Residence
Milwaukie Renovation
NE 24th Avenue Renovation
Riverview Condo Renovation
SE 49th Avenue Renovation
SW 83rd Avenue Renovation
Station 162 Apartments
West Hills Residence

Urban Design
Adams Street Lanterns
Albina Vision Study
Block 11 Redevelopment Plan
Downtown Camas Redevelopment Visioning Study
Hillsboro Downtown Renaissance
Milwaukie Adams Street Connector
North Old Town/Chinatown Redevelopment Strategy
PSU Lincoln Station Development Plan
SE 92nd and Harold Redevelopment Strategy
Steelbridge Skatepark Development Plan
TriMet PMLR Development Studies
Washington Development Opportunity Study
Art Installation