DAO Architecture's work is characterized by elegantly proportioned, well-integrated forms and spaces, inventively used materials, and a contextually sensitive attitude. Ecologically sustainability inherently follows from a design process that emphasizes resource efficiency, appropriate use of technology, and responsiveness to fundamental site variables such as climate, landforms, vegetation, and light.

We design structures and environments that vary in scale and complexity from domestic furnishings to institutional buildings, outdoor landscapes, and urban districts. Our multifaceted team has the capacity to expertly practice and integrate these various disciplines, as well as direct all phases of design, from early program-visioning and schematics to charting building specifics for systems, sustainability, and detailing. Principals Joann Le and David Horsley provide hands-on service for every job, working with clients in public, private, and non-profit sectors to craft intelligent, innovative design solutions, regardless of project scope or budget constraints.